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Full source code and automatic installer: Download latest version Jan-18th 2017, v0.5 Beta

Lightweight full-featured Grid / Tabular control

For Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi and C++, VCL and Firemonkey frameworks (all platforms: Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac OSX, Android and iOS), and Lazarus FreePascal (Windows, Linux, etc)

Written from scratch (not derived from TCustomGrid or TGrid), aprox 10K lines of code and 100K compiled size.


Release Notes (What's new?)

Google+ Community


TeeBI data-mining:



  • Run TeeGridRecompile.exe


  • Open TeeGrid project group from "Sources\Packages" folder
  • Right-click DCLVCLTeeGrid package, and do "Install"
  • Right-click DCLFMXTeeGrid package, and do "Install"

Using TeeGrid

TeeGrid is "data-agnostic"

The "DataSource" property can be used not only with TDataSource or TDataSet but also with other component classes.

Custom Data can also be set to TeeGrid using a data provider class, manually created by code.

TeeGrid has no dependencies on database units (DB.pas) or any TDataset component.

This enables linking a TeeGrid to any kind of data, like a TDataset, TDataSource, arrays of objects or records or a generic TList using Rtti, a TCollection, TeeBI TDataItem structures, pure "Virtual Mode" or any other source, including your own custom "virtual data" class.

Several classes are provided to bind data to TeeGrid, like:


// From a TDataSource or TDataSet:
TeeGrid1.DataSource:= DataSource1;  // <-- FDQuery1 etc

// From a TDataSource creating a class:
TeeGrid1.Data:= TVirtualDBData.From(DataSource1);

// From an array:
var MyData : Array of TPerson; 
... fill array...

// From a TeeBI TDataItem:
var MyData : TDataItem;
MyData := TStore.Load('SQLite_Demo')['Products'];
TeeGrid1.Data := TBIGridData.Create(TeeGrid1.Grid, MyData );

// Emulating a TStringGrid:
var MyData : TStringsData;
MyData:= TStringsData.Create(10, 1000); // 10 columns, 1000 rows
TeeGrid1.Data:= MyData;
MyData.Cells[4,50]:= 'Hello';

Current Features

  • Huge data

TeeGrid is capable of handling a very big number of cells. For example 1 billion cells ( 1000 columns by 1 million rows ).

The only limit is the memory used by your own data, (compile for the 64bit platform for more than 2GB/3GB).

  • Virtual data

TVirtualModeData class to automatically create columns and provide cell values using OnGet and OnSet events.

  • TStringGrid emulation

TeeGrid can be used like a TStringGrid with a TStringsData object:

var Data : TStringsData;
Data:= TStringsData.Create;

// Initialize size
Data.Columns:= 2;
Data.Rows:= 6;

// Set header texts
Data.Headers[0]:= 'A';
Data.Headers[1]:= 'B';

// Fill rows and cells
Data[0,0]:= 'A0';
Data[1,0]:= 'B0';

// Set data to grid
  • Sub-columns (any column can have children columns)
TeeGrid1.Columns.AddColumn('My Column 1').Items.AddColumn('Sub-Column 1')...
  • Per-column formatting (font, back fill, stroke, text alignment)
TeeGrid1.Columns[3].Format.Font.Size:= 14;
  • Per-cell custom paint using OnPaint event

  • Locked columns to left or right grid edges
TeeGrid1.Columns[4].Locked:= TColumnLocked.Left;

  • Individual row heights (per-row custom height)
TeeGrid1.Rows.Heights[3]:= 50; 
  • Automatic multi-line text in cells
TeeGrid1.Rows.Height.Automatic:= True;  // <-- every row can be of different height

  • Row groups

Any row can be expanded to show its detail sub-grid rows (recursive grids-in-grids) The grid Data class must support master-detail relationships.

For example, the TBIGridData class is provided to link TeeBI TDataItem data objects supporting master-detail.

See "TeeBI_Customer_Orders" example.

  • Totals and SubTotals

Automatic summary "grid bands" can be added to any grid header or footer, and also to "detail" subgrids.

var Totals : TColumnTotals;
Totals:= TColumnTotals.Create(TeeGrid1.Footer);

Totals.Calculation.Add( 'Quantity', TColumnCalculation.Sum);

// Add also a band with total names
TTotalsHeader.CreateTotals( TeeGrid1.Footer, Totals ) );
  • Row "Sub-Bands"

Any row might display a grid band above the row. The "band" can be anything, from a simple TTextBand to a complex group of bands or rows.

var Title: TTextBand;
Title:= TTextBand.Create(TeeGrid1.Rows.SubBands);
Title.Text:='My Rows';

TeeGrid1.Rows.SubBands[23]:= Title;

  • Custom cell rendering

Default class for cell rendering is TCellRender. Other classes can be used or created to override the default behaviour, like for example to show check-boxes in columns with boolean (True/False) values:

TeeGrid1.Columns[7].Render:= TBooleanRender.Create; 
  • Cell text format (float, date-time formatting strings)
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].FloatFormat:= '0.###'; 
  • Column Visible and Expanded (for sub-columns)
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].Visible:= False; 
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].Items[3].Expanded:= False; // visible, but collapsed
  • Automatic column width (or fixed, in pixels or % percent of grid width)
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].Width.Automatic:= False; 
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].Width.Value:= 40; 
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].Width.Units:= TSizeUnits.Percent;
  • Column mouse drag resizing

Dragging the left mouse button in a column header edge resizes it

  • Automatic scroll bars visibility

Scrollbars are automatically displayed when necessary, or they can be forced visible or hidden.

TeeGrid1.ScrollBars.Horizontal.Visible:= TScrollBarVisible.Hide; // <-- Automatic, Show or Hide
  • Column ordering

Columns and sub-columns can be re-positioned:

TeeGrid1.Columns[2].Index:= 0;  // move 2nd column to first (left-most) position
  • Column dragging

Column headers can be mouse-dragged to move or re-order them to new positions

  • Grid Header formatting (font, back fill, stroke)
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].Header.Text:= 'My Column';
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].Header.Format.Font.Color:= TAlphaColors.Red;

  • Grid Header mouse-hover
TeeGrid1.Header.Hover.Visible:= True;
TeeGrid1.Header.Hover.Format.Brush.Color:= TAlphaColors.Green;
  • Grid "indicator" column (left-most column with symbol for current row)
TeeGrid1.Indicator.Visible:= True; // <-- False to hide indicator
TeeGrid1.Indicator.Width:= 20;
  • Row highlighting (mouse-hover and selected row formatting)
// selection
TeeGrid1.Selected.Column:= TeeGrid1.Columns[3];
TeeGrid1.Selected.Row:= 5;

// formatting
TeeGrid1.Selected.ParentFont:= False;
TeeGrid1.Selected.Format.Font.Style:= [TFontStyle.fsBold];
  • Multi-cell range selection (by mouse and arrow keys)
// range selection
TeeGrid1.Selected.Range.FromColumn:= TeeGrid1.Columns[3];
TeeGrid1.Selected.Range.ToColumn:= TeeGrid1.Columns[6];

TeeGrid1.Selected.Range.FromRow:= 10;
TeeGrid1.Selected.Range.ToRow:= 15;

  • Copy selected cells to clipboard in CSV format, pressing Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert key and also by code:
Clipboard.AsText:= TCSVData.From(TeeGrid1.Grid, TeeGrid1.Selected);
  • Full selected row highlight
  • Grid and Columns ReadOnly
TeeGrid1.ReadOnly:= False;
TeeGrid1.Columns[0].ReadOnly:= True;
  • Custom Grid editors
TeeGrid1.Columns[1].EditorClass:= TCalendarEditor;
  • Rows and Columns lines separators (stroke settings)
TeeGrid1.Rows.RowLines.Visible:= True;
TeeGrid1.Rows.RowLines.Size:= 3;
TeeGrid1.Rows.RowLines.Color:= TAlphaColors.Skyblue;
  • Cell mouse-hover (highlights cell under mouse cursor)

Cell (or all cells in row) under mouse cursor can be highlighted:

TeeGrid1.Cells.Hover.Visible:= True;
TeeGrid1.Cells.Hover.FullRow:= True;
TeeGrid1.Cells.Hover.Format.Stroke.Size:= 2;
  • All coordinates as floats

For sub-pixel finetuning, Firemonkey only. VCL always rounds to integer pixels.

TeeGrid1.Header.Height.Value:=124.3;   // sub-pixels, decimals
  • Alternate row background filling (back brush, stroke settings)
TeeGrid1.Rows.Alternate.Brush.Visible:= True;
TeeGrid1.Rows.Alternate.Brush.Color:= TAlphaColors.Lightcoral;
TeeGrid1.Rows.Alternate.Stroke.Visible:= True;
  • Events

The usual Onxxx events:

  • OnAfterDraw
  • OnClickedHeader
  • OnColumnResized
  • OnEditing
  • OnEdited

TeeGrid-specific events:

  • OnNewDetail (called when a row is expanded to show a sub-grid)
  • OnPaint (at TColumn class, to paint individual cells)
  • OnShowEditor (called when a cell editor is about to be displayed)
  • Abstract Grid "Painter" (canvas)

TeeGrid Painter property is of TPainter class. This is an abstract class that can be overriden, for example to use GDI+ in VCL:

TeeGrid1.Painter:= TGDIPlusPainter.Create;
  • Design-time editor dialog to modify all settings and properties

Several editor dialogs, for both VCL and Firemonkey, usable at design-time and runtime to modify all TeeGrid properties like columns, formatting, etc

uses VCLTee.Editor.Grid;

  • "Ticker" class

Update grid cell changes using a background thread with optional fade-out colors

  • TSheet component ("alpha" experimental version)

An Excel-like spreadsheet component with per-cell custom formatting and formula (using TeeBI TExpression class), and automatic recursive recalculation of cell values that depend on other cell values

Wish-List, Pending Features

  • TreeColumn class (to display a tree inside a column, to expand / collapse rows)

  • Improve TVirtualDBData class to support DB buffering and events

  • Easy embeddable controls in cells or rows.

    A new TControlRender class to for example display sub-grids or TeeCharts below a row or inside a cell.

  • Compositions (several texts, images, etc inside the same cell)

  • Buttons at header to expand / collapse sub-columns

  • Automatic row sorting, filtering and searching

    Note: Row sorting, filtering and searching is already possible with TeeBI TBIGrid control.

Lazarus / FreePascal and Ubuntu Linux