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A game for a school project.
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Project Ontwikkeling - Game

A schoolproject where we learned to make a game for a client, in this case for the province Antwerp.
The goal of this project is to make a game that encourages students,who do not live in Antwerp, to come study in Antwerp and become familiar with the city.
Therefore we came up with the idea of making the protagonist an alien, so that the student and the alien can explore the city together.


The alien is separated from his spaceship and has to get back to his home planet.
There are police everywhere looking for him, so he has to go through these special places in Antwerp without being noticed.
There is also a shop where the alien can buy disguise so that he will be less recognisable.

By Cindy Ho & Stefan Bauwens

Youtube link(no sound):

Screenshot from the gameplay video of KomAf
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