Multi Vagrant environment with Active Directory
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Test AD FS 2

Test infrastructure for AD FS 2.

The following boxes could be created:

  1. dc : The Active Directory Domain controller
  2. adfs2 : The Active Directory Federation Service
  3. web: The Web Server running IIS
  4. ps: A Windows Print Server on Windows Server 2012 R2
  5. ts: A Windows Terminal Server


This Vagrantfile uses the vagrant-reload plugin to reboot the Windows VM's during provisioning. If you don't have this plugin installed, do it now with

vagrant plugin install vagrant-reload

To build the boxes, use vagrant up with the box name. Each box will be reboot twice until all features are up and running.

Create Domain Controller

First create the AD domain controller

vagrant up dc

After that the domain windomain.local is up and running at IP address Some users will be created from the users.csv file. A special service user will be created for JBoss7 integration and its keytab file for SSO.

Create AD FS2 Server

This guest will join the domain and install the ADFS2.

vagrant up adfs2

I don't know if the ADFS2 is set up correctly. I just managed the domain join.

Create Web Server

This guest will join the domain and set up an IIS Web Server on host web.

vagrant up web

After installation, you have an IIS 7 Web Server, but also an iisnode with Node.js up and running.

The guest will reboot twice until all features are up and running.

Normal Use

After setting up all boxes, you simply can start and stop the boxes, but the Domain Controller should be started first and stopped last.

vagrant up dc
vagrant up web
vagrant halt web
vagrant halt dc