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Stellarium Weekly Snapshot Pre-release
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Weekly snapshot of Stellarium

This is just a place to attach master (or nightly/weekly) builds. FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY!

Please look at change log for get details about changes between versions!

Packages notes

Package for Windows (32-bit; Windows 7+) based on Qt 5.12.6 (Visual Studio 2017 Community) with media support (the package is not signed!).
MD5: dca7041ae68d02f8c953882a6bd26caa
SHA1: d14b917ca9d699d644c27ef35fc545bf181d2509
SHA256: fca6e9169ebd11f0a4c7076e23d00aa81f3a6a29c0ddeea2f105f6f8dcdd416a

Package for Windows (64-bit; Windows 7+) based on Qt 5.12.6 (Visual Studio 2017 Community) with media support (the package is not signed!).
MD5: d660fd7f44ba0c44fff097bdae1178c7
SHA1: e2e815e85a24c30ea8ee4f52885317c0a989cef8
SHA256: 6d5b8741d0235886066765e1fe93cab592a7fdaf10af2ee9e9c0fa65dea16610

Package for Windows (64-bit; Windows 10+) based on Qt 6.3.1 (Visual Studio 2019 Community) with media support (the package is not signed!).
MD5: d8f8911a2793c590d648845f8f1742b9
SHA1: ef356bf35062ba9e1a4f611bf789df62c6d6bddf
SHA256: 55df17f2ee0605596dddbffdde3516a36f6fd08b4cbaca598c86d67f4460c46a
Package for Mac OS X (x86_64; Mac OS X 10.15+) based on Qt 5.12.12 (AppleClang 11.0.0) with media support.
MD5: e6f5d64eccfb6775b808d794a77c331c
SHA1: f18a909240a94c8ea19ae3cb727ef8707d10e5c5
SHA256: e1181f2d921b306510a7a5758e0c6bc98442528164f9be99325a283905602dfe
Package for Mac OS X (universal; Mac OS X 11.0+) based on Qt 6.3.2 (AppleClang 14.0.0) with media support.
MD5: b25ec9de55c3a77645f020eb70f8dede
SHA1: c1474fd55dafee407a593d5ac7ad8db27cce73b4
SHA256: 732bf8e783eb196b1d9f402ec7e3efd327970ab56f5b8169ea9fde78bea8d2e9

Stellarium 0.22.2 for Linux (amd64; glibc 2.31) based on Qt 5.12.8 (GCC 9.4.0) with media support.
MD5: 87648ebf4f15fbbadfb390d0ffe7f4e1
SHA1: 28281fbc3262cbd4b752abc3c6e62bc4db230fec
SHA256: 72721bc27710d0337de092175c5e06f75abe0d7c8f80fb8a6dc5da2b0030fdb1

Change log

List of changes in version 0.22.2-5a6889b / 1.22.2-5a6889b (2022-09-26) [1.0RC2]

  • Fixed state of buttons in AstroCalc tools
  • Fixed inconsistency in units
  • Fixed requested GLSL version
  • Fixed columns in AstroCalc/Eclipses tool
  • Fixed sorting the path width and duration columns in AstroCalc/Eclipses tool
  • Fixed working ShowMySky on HDPI GPU with limited graphics performance (GH: #2676)
  • Updated Stellarium User Guide

List of changes in version 0.22.2-992d4a7 / 1.22.2-992d4a7 (2022-09-22) [1.0RC1]

  • Added artwork for Babylonian (Seleucid) sky culture
  • Added support for up to 500% scaling of dialog close button (GH: #2660)
  • Added supporting horizontal coordinates for the CCD sensor in Oculars plugin (GH: #2672)
  • Added capability to create KML map of solar eclipses in AstroCalc tool (GH: #2677)
  • Added support the additional names to observing list (GH: #2525, #2553, #2232, #2309)
  • Fixed special hotkeys
  • Fixed tooltips for some Markings (GH: #2671)
  • Fixed developers list
  • Fixed adding some objects (like B 287 (Barnard 287)) into Observing lists (GH: #1884, #2309, #2553, #2232)
  • Fixed segfault in Observing Lists when import/export the lists (GH: #2411, #1932, #2553, #2232)
  • Fixed segfault in Observing Lists when saving the lists (GH: #2437, #2553, #2232)
  • Fixed import Bookmarks into Observing List (GH: #1944, #2553, #2232)
  • Fixed object selection when use Edit button in Observing List (GH: #1941, #2553, #2232)
  • Fixed movement users onto Null Island in Observing List (GH: #1933, #2486, #2553, #2232)
  • Fixed wrong type of objects in Observing List (GH: #2475, #2553, #2232)
  • Updated GUI elements: increase resolution of some PNGs to improve high-DPI look (GH: #2658)
  • Updated GUI elements: work around too much stretching of close button icon on Qt 5.12.8 (GH: #2674)
  • Updated splash screen: paint version on the fly on the splash screen instead of rasterizing it into pixmap (GH: #2668)
  • Updated rendering the ShowMySky atmosphere model
  • Updated About/Config tab
  • Updated Stellarium User Guide

List of changes in version 0.22.2-0fd7b3d / 1.22.2-0fd7b3d (2022-09-17)

  • Added default atmosphere model path in the Atmosphere Details dialog (GH: #2637)
  • Added config viewer (GH: #2628)
  • Added some documentation for ShowMySky in the User Guide (GH: #2636)
  • Added list of financial contributors into About dialog (GH: #2646)
  • Added contact times of global solar eclipse in AstroCalc tool (GH: #2652)
  • Fixed building QXlsx as an universal binary on macOS
  • Fixed updating region name when location is changed (GH: #2633)
  • Fixed comparison logic in Angle Measure plugin (GH: #2630)
  • Fixed NMEA connections in Qt6
  • Fixed IAU star names (GH: #2531)
  • Fixed saving the keyboard shortcut (GH: #2571)
  • Changed core: replace ordered Bayer dithering with the algorithm based on triangle-remapped blue noise (GH: #2640)
  • Changed core: enable dithering by default (GH: #2644)
  • Changed core: Milky Way and Zodiacal Light rebalance (GH: #2648)
  • Changed GPS location manager: add location service managed by Windows (GPS, network location, ...) (GH: #2620)
  • Changed building rules for dependencies: use system versions of dependencies (GH: #1295)
  • Updated Babylonian (Mulapin) Sky Culture
  • Updated atmosphere model for ShowMySky module (v0.0.6; GH: #2643)
  • Updated list of contributors list in the About dialog
  • Updated default pulsars catalog
  • Updated list of locations

List of changes in version 0.22.2-38a869f / 1.22.2-38a869f (2022-09-10)

  • Added default Earth atmosphere model (GH: 2634)
  • Added a new Stellarium Sky Culture: Samoan (GH: #2627)
  • Fixed deployment ShowMySky library on macOS
  • Updated few scripts
  • Updated Egyptian Sky Culture
  • Updated Greek (Almagest) Sky Culture

List of changes in version 0.22.2-0511533 / 1.22.2-0511533 (2022-09-04)

  • Added column "Symbol" for major planets into AstroCalc/Positions tool (GH: #1628)
  • Added a small didactic enhancement for AstroCalc/Positions/HEC tool (GH: #2549)
  • Added user preference for DSO catalog selection
  • Added sound output for Qt6 builds
  • Added object type info into title for AstroCalc/Graphs tool
  • Added support public version of Stellarium (GH: #2545)
  • Added units of measurements to Oculars plugin (GH: #2594)
  • Added original names to Siberian sky culture
  • Added support the thickness of satellite orbits (GH: #2623)
  • Added support for ShowMySky atmosphere model (GH: #624, #2604)
  • Added align to selected object for Angle Measure plugin (GH: #2621)
  • Fixed GUI issue
  • Fixed windows deployment
  • Fixed crash when scripting is disabled (GH: #2544)
  • Fixed upper limit of phase, unit of magnitude and angular size in tooltip of AstroCalc tools (GH: #2555)
  • Fixed crash when using shortcut for specific time jump that related to twilight (GH: #2558)
  • Fixed opens the links in browser (GH: #2554)
  • Fixed exported CSV files in AstroCalc/Eclipses (GH: #2569)
  • Fixed wrong timezone handling of Qt6 (GH: #2547)
  • Fixed scripts after property had been renamed.
  • Fixed versions of scripts
  • Fixed visibility selection of DSO without proper magnitudes (GH: #2563)
  • Fixed scaling right axes on graphs (GH: #2578, #2582)
  • Fixed working RemoteControl GUI with Qt6 (GH: #2579)
  • Fixed search in RemoteControl plugin (GH: #2568)
  • Fixed translation the graphs data when language is changed for AstroCalc/Graphs tool
  • Fixed titles for AstroCalc/Graphs tools
  • Fixed autodetect build architecture on macOS (GH: #2550)
  • Fixed LTO build (GH: #2590)
  • Fixed map update (GH: #1302, #2592)
  • Fixed Zenith scripting issue (GH: #754, #2589)
  • Fixed meteor showers plugin
  • Fixed name of renamed solar system file
  • Fixed reading abbreviated names: allow any non-space characters as part of the constellation and asterism keys (GH: #2606)
  • Fixed getting the Moon's Elongation in ecliptical longitude via scripting (GH: #2605)
  • Fixed rendering the Oculars labels on HDPI monitors (GH: #2622)
  • Fixed coordinates of VDB 16 (GH: #2600)
  • Fixed screen blanking on Intel UHD (GH: #2166, #2472, #2484, #2619)
  • Changed Observability Analysis plugin: replace object type booleans with methods. This removes the need for managing object type state and delegates it to the StelObjectMgr (GH: #2536)
  • Changed Observability Analysis plugin: refactor Observability plugin to use signals for reacting to location state changes (GH: #2535)
  • Changed RemoteControl plugin: add missing elements
  • Changed Scripting module: switch to use JSEngine instead of QtScript in Qt6-based version
  • Updated Indian sky culture (GH: #2557, #2559)
  • Updated title for AstroCalc/Graphs/Lunar Elongation tool
  • Removed the duplicate code
  • Removed unneeded headers

List of changes in version 0.22.2-3d47d9a / 1.22.2-3d47d9a (2022-08-02)

  • Added support Qt6 environment
  • Added support designations (based on B1950 coordinates) for pulsars
  • Added definitions for MSVC++ 17.1 and MSVC++ 17.2 compilers
  • Added report JSON generator to Observability plugin to allow for regression testing
  • Added modified patch from OpenIndiana for AstroCalc tool
  • Added modified patch from OpenBSD for GPS support
  • Added approximated standard magnitude for Chinese Space Station
  • Fixed updating catalogs in plugins (GH: #2534)
  • Fixed missing translations
  • Fixed crash in debug mode
  • Fixed 'Binocular Highlights' script
  • Fixed working the logger for BSD systems with Qt6 environment
  • Fixed method getOperatingSystemInfo() for macOS
  • Fixed outdated macros for macOS
  • Fixed icon size in macOS (GH: #2543)
  • Fixed Qt6 redirect policy in plugins (GH: #2534)
  • Changed logger: refactored the method for obtaining the compiler info in the logger
  • Changed core: improved Haiku OS support
  • Changed macOS defaults: by default for Qt6 environment on macOS create an universal binary (arm64 + x86_64) package for macOS Big Sur and later
  • Updated list of locations
  • Updated nomenclature data
  • Updated settings for Inno Setup on Windows

List of changes in version 0.22.2-b0e9067 (2022-07-24)

  • Added computation the time of equinoxes and solstices and set of actions to jump to the solstice/equinox at current, next or previous year. The default hotkeys for actions are not defined [module "Specific Time"] (GH: #1394, #2516)
  • Added quadrature line (GH: #2513, #2511, #789)
  • Added quadratures for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #2513, #2511, #789)
  • Added handling the placement the windows outside the left border of the screen (GH: #2514)
  • Added hotkey for run the computing the transits of Venus/Mercury in AstroCalc/Eclipses tool
  • Added new one tooltip for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
  • Fixed misspelled of Schedar (GH: #2531)
  • Fixed celestrak URL in Satellites plugin: moved to
  • Fixed list of languages
  • Fixed crash when "Show Earth's umbra" is enabled (GH: #2509)
  • Fixed translations the some tooltips when language is changed in AstroCalc tools
  • Changed core: actions for jump to the moments of rise, set and transit (include twilight) of selected objects moved into "Specific Time" module (GH: #2516)
  • Removed duplicated code in AstroCalc tools


Stellarium Weekly Snapshot
Stellarium Weekly Snapshot
Stellarium Weekly Snapshot
Stellarium Weekly Snapshot
Stellarium Weekly Snapshot
Stellarium Weekly Snapshot
Stellarium Weekly Snapshot