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CSGOFloat is a free and open source API service that allows you to obtain the float and paint seed of any CSGO item using its inspect link.

npm install csgofloat

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If you want to heavily use the public API, please host this repo yourself

You can find this same info on the site by clicking the API button here:

Note: If you're using the old 1738/1739 ports, please use the new 443 HTTPS port; those ports will be deprecated in the future.


Parameters s, a, d, m can be found in the inspect link of a csgo item.

Parameter Description
s Optional: If an inventory item, fill out this parameter from the inspect URL
a Required: Inspect URL "a" param
d Required: Inspect URL "d" param
m Optional: If a market item, fill out this parameter from the inspect URL

GET / (Using an Inspect URL)

Parameter Description
url Required: Inspect URL of the CSGO item


The reply of this API is based upon this CSGO protobuf. I recommend looking at the Github in order to understand how some of these parameters work.

Attribute Data Type Description
itemid uint32 Item ID
defindex uint32 Weapon ID
paintindex uint32 Paint ID of the weapon (skin)
rarity uint32 Rarity value of the weapon
quality uint32 Quality of the weapon
paintwear uint32 Wear of the exterior of the skin
paintseed uint32 Seed for the RNG that defines how to place the skin texture
killeatervalue uint32 If the item is StatTrak, this is the amount of kills
customname string If the item has a nametag, this is the custom name
stickers array Contains data on the placement of stickers
origin uint32 Origin ID of the weapon
floatvalue float Exterior wear of the skin in its float representation
imageurl string Optional: Image of the item
min float Minimum wear of the skin
max float Maximum wear of the skin
itemid_int uint32 ID of the item
item_name uint32 Optional: Name of the skin
weapon_type string Weapon type name
	"iteminfo": {
		"accountid": null,
		"itemid": {
			"low": -1766118817,
			"high": 1,
			"unsigned": true
		"defindex": 7,
		"paintindex": 282,
		"rarity": 5,
		"quality": 4,
		"paintwear": 1043366112,
		"paintseed": 61,
		"killeaterscoretype": null,
		"killeatervalue": null,
		"customname": null,
		"stickers": [{
			"slot": 2,
			"sticker_id": 180,
			"wear": null,
			"scale": null,
			"rotation": null
		"inventory": 3221225482,
		"origin": 4,
		"questid": null,
		"dropreason": null,
		"floatvalue": 0.17236661911010742,
		"imageurl": "",
		"min": 0.1,
		"max": 0.7,
		"itemid_int": 2528848479,
		"item_name": "Redline",
		"s": "0",
		"a": "6823815775",
		"d": "16727143683740967735",
		"m": "638766174011039879",
		"weapon_type": "AK-47"


The API might be unstable at times, so it is important that you handle the errors correctly.

Error Codes
Code Description
1 Improper Parameter Structure
2 Invalid Inspect Link Structure
3 You may only have one pending request at a time
4 Valve's servers didn't reply in time
5 Valve's servers appear to be offline, please try again later!
Example Error
	"error": "Valve's servers didn't reply",
	"code": 4

How to Run

In order to retrieve float values for weapons in this way, you must have Steam account(s) with a copy of CS:GO. Each account can request 1 float per second. CSGOFloat allows you to have as many bots as you'd like by inputting the login info into config.js.

  • node-csgo (v1.4 or higher)
  • vdf
  • long
  • express
  • mongodb

You can install the Node.js dependencies using npm install or yarn install

  1. Copy config.example.js to config.js
  2. Add your bot(s) login information to config.js
  3. Edit config.js with your desired settings
  4. Ensure MongoDB is running
  5. Run node index.js in the main directory
  6. Navigate to the IP that the server is hosted on and query the API using the docs above!

If you have a config from v1.0, please update it to match the new parameters in v2.0+!

v2.1.0 removes the need for Redis

How to First Login a Bot

  • Using Email 2FA
    • Only fill in the user and pass fields for the bot (make sure the auth field is empty or removed)
    • Start up CSGOFloat
    • It will tell you that an auth code was sent to your email
    • Input the code from your email into the auth field for the bot
    • Restart CSGOFloat
    • It should successfully login and create a {username}.sentry file in the sentry folder in the main directory
    • The auth field can now be removed in your login file for further logins
  • Using Mobile 2FA
    • Fill in the user and pass fields for the bot
    • Fill in the auth field with the shared_secret for the bot
    • Start up CSGOFloat
    • It should successfully login and create a {username}.sentry file in the sentry folder in the main directory
    • You'll need to keep the auth field filled in for future logins