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QGIS XML styles converted from ESRI styles using SLYR tool
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QGIS XML styles converted from ESRI styles using Nyall Dawson's SLYR tool.

For more info on SLYR Tool:

Related blog post on using the SLYR tool to convert ESRI styles (e.g. to QGIS XML files, see link below:

FOLDER CONTENTS: XML folder contains the QGIS XML files which can be imoorted into QGIS Style Manager Symbolpic folder contains png files used for embedded picture symbols Errorlogs folder contains a log of the conversion process

These QGIS XML files arer being shared as is for those who wish to have more symbology or more ESRI-like symbology in QGIS. Download and use them as you wish but I make no guarantee of any kind on your use of the files.

Update (4/11/2019):

Please see Brett Carlock's Github page for a set of corresponding QGIS GPL files converted from ESRI Styles. Thanks, Brett for contributing more styles/color schemes for use in QGIS.

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