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With a growing Mithril app, you (or your coworkers) may sometimes wonder, where a specific DOM element comes from.

This little packages allows you to show the origin of any element by just hovering it.


npm install --save mithril-source-hint

To make use of it, you need to change all your files to use a custom Mithril wrapper, that - as a nice goodie - allows you to toggle hints by URL parameter. In the following example, we use ?mdebug for as url parameter:

'use strict'

// by default we keep Mithril itself
module.exports = require('mithril')

// wrap Mithril if we add ?mdebug to the url
if ('mdebug') > 0) {
  module.exports = require('mithril-source-hint')

To update all your require statements to use your custom Mithril wrapper, you may use something like that in your application's root directory (your wrapper is probably not named my/mithril, so you need to change that):

for js in `find . -type f -name '*.js'`; do sed -i s@require\(\'mithril\'\)@require\(\'my/mithril\'\)@g $js; done


Call your site (with the URL parameter, if you require it in your wrapper). Hover a element, you want to see the origin of, and you will see file and line of it as title.