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StephenPower edited this page Feb 4, 2013 · 15 revisions

Sorry for the shouting...

Please email me at steve at great coins dot com if you post an issue.

I get a lot of notifications from github and they can get lost. thanks.. steve

also, please think about downloading the appliance to try it out.. lots of moving parts, especially with the credit card payment

Collector City Market Place

Lots of Django Shopping Carts...

but not many platforms for commerce..

That was my essential itch when Collector City was concieved...

In a nutshell:

Multitenant (multiple marketplaces with multiple shops in a single instance of software)

SAAS Ability to Run the entire platform as a service

Payments I have four payment processors, and (hopefully) made it easy to add more..(paypal, google, manual, braintree, subscriptions )

Designers Shops are fully customizable templates (I use jinja2 for the shop's templating engine)

Search It's hard :(, and I think we have a good integration

Security I've spent a lot of time and effort here, but you can never have enough eye balls on this..

Auctions A million shopping carts, slim pickings in the auction side... a lack of open source projects in general, Django is no different

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