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using Blazor.Runtime;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace Blazor.Interop
// ManagedGCHandle is just a class wrapper around the GCHandle struct. Reason:
// [1] Provides a nicer API
// [2] It actually creates a GCHandle to *itself* rather than the object you pass to it.
// This may seem like pointless indirection, but in fact it's currently necessary,
// because the DotNetAnywhere runtime crashes if you try to put a *delegate* instance
// as a key into a Dictionary and then check whether dict.ContainsKey(thatDelegate).
// I haven't tracked down the underlying bug, but this is an adequate workaround for POC.
public static class ManagedGCHandle
public static ManagedGCHandle<T> FromObject<T>(T value)
return new ManagedGCHandle<T>(value);
public static ManagedGCHandle<T> FromAddress<T>(int address)
return ManagedGCHandle<T>.FromAddress(address);
public class ManagedGCHandle<T> : IDisposable
private GCHandle _gcHandle;
private T _value;
public ManagedGCHandle(T value)
_value = value;
// Note that on the real .NET (non-DNA) runtimes we can't really pin some of the things we
// want to pin for JS interop, because they they are "non-primitive" types (i.e., hold references
// to things that themselves would still be unpinned). During server-side execution we don't
// actually need to pin anything, because there's no interop outside .NET. During client-side
// execution, everything is (in effect) pinned regardless, because DNA's GC only does mark-sweep
// - it doesn't have any compaction phase.
_gcHandle = GCHandle.Alloc(this, Env.IsServer ? GCHandleType.Normal : GCHandleType.Pinned);
public static ManagedGCHandle<T> FromAddress(int address)
var handle = GCHandle.FromIntPtr(new IntPtr(address));
return (ManagedGCHandle<T>)handle.Target;
public T Value => _value;
// As per comment above, we don't really need real pointers when executing on the server.
// Nor can we even obtain one safely.
public int Address => Env.IsServer ? 0 : _gcHandle.AddrOfPinnedObject().ToInt32();
public void Dispose()
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