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Gives you site templates for building Node.js applications using Microsoft WebMatrix
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Node.js Site Templates for WebMatrix

Want to build Node.js applications on Windows using WebMatrix? This project gives you "site templates" for Node.js applications.


  1. Install WebMatrix. This is a free, lightweight IDE from Microsoft, that can be used to build sites with ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, and more.
  2. Follow Tomasz's instructions to install IISNode for IIS Express. Read the instructions carefully and be sure to use a 32-bit command prompt when running install_iisexpress.bat, as the instructions specify.
  3. Download and run the Node.js Site Templates for WebMatrix installer.

Note: we're working on making this install process much easier :)


Once you've installed the above three items, you can launch WebMatrix (from your Start menu), choose to create a Site from Template, and you'll be able to pick from these Node.js templates:

  • Empty Node.js Site - start with a minimal, single-file application, and no dependencies. By default it just sends the string Hello world to the browser.
  • Node.js Express Site - use Express, an MVC-style application framework, to create a site with routing and templating. Currently this template sets you up with the Jade view engine by default, and gives you a simple starting point with a "Home" and an "About" page.

To run your site, choose "Run" from the WebMatrix toolbar.

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