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Monitors the Bitcoin markets with live up to the second data.
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Bitcoin Markets
Bitcoin Markets.sln

Bitcoin Markets

This application monitors the Bitcoin markets with live up to the second data. It accomplishes this by converting a web page from to a local application for easier use. You can change the Bitcoin units from mBTC to BTC in the top right corner under preferences. Future features are planned, so stay tuned.

Program Screenshot




  • Live Bitcoin charts to view price data and trade volume
  • Full screen mode (right-click chart)
  • Data from multiple exchanges
  • 10 minutes to all time view ranges
  • Other settings such as Bitcoin unit
  • Multiple currencies supported

Why am I contributing?

This is just one of many tools and applications I’ve created over the years for myself that I thought I should share with the public. I am new to GitHub so bear with me while I get adjusted. Hopefully, with community support, some of these applications will grow into something better.

Do you have any questions?

Many commonly asked questions are answered in the FAQ:

Need to contact me?

I can be reached here directly at

Want to show your support?

Method Address
Bitcoin: 3GyeQvN6imXEHVcdwrZwKHLZNGdnXeDfw2
Litecoin: MAJtR4ccdyUQtiiBpg9PwF2AZ6Xbk5ioLm
Ethereum: 0xa62b53c1d49f9C481e20E5675fbffDab2Fcda82E
Dash: Xw5bDL93fFNHe9FAGHV4hjoGfDpfwsqAAj
Zcash: t1a2Kr3jFv8WksgPBcMZFwiYM8Hn5QCMAs5
PIVX: DQq2qeny1TveZDcZFWwQVGdKchFGtzeieU
Ripple: rLHzPsX6oXkzU2qL12kHCH8G8cnZv1rBJh
Destination Tag: 2357564055
Monero: 4GdoN7NCTi8a5gZug7PrwZNKjvHFmKeV11L6pNJPgj5QNEHsN6eeX3D

// Steven Jenkins De Haro ("StevenJDH" on GitHub)

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