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Air Native Extension for Apsalar analytics on iOS & Android

Please note that we are no longer able to support this project and are not contributing to it.

This is an Air native extension for Apsalar analytics on the iOS and Android platforms.


This is version 0.2.0 of this extension. The compiled extension contains version 6.0.1 of the Apsalar Analytics library for iOS and version 4.0.2 of the Apsalar Analytics library for Android.

Binary files

The bin folder contains the compiled extension and the default swc, which can be used for local testing if required by your development environment (Flash Builder shouldn’t need it, but other IDEs may).

Using the extension

Start an Apsalar session

At its simplest, you initialize the extension with your api keys as follows

Apsalar.startSession( "your api key", "your api secret" );

You should only start the session once, after which you can log as many events as you wish.

Start an Apsalar session with an opening url (iOS only)

Apsalar.startSession( "your api key", "your api secret", "opening url" );

Th eopening url is the url that directed iOS to open your app.

Log a simple event

You may then log events with Apsalar like this

Apsalar.logEvent( "User did something" );

Log an event with parameters

You can pass parameters through to a Apsalar event via a simple object, as follows

Apsalar.logEvent( "Screen resolution", { width : Capabilities.screenResolutionX, height : Capabilities.screenResolutionY, dpi : Capabilities.screenDPI } );

End an Apsalar session

Ends the current session.




This project is licensed under the BSD license