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[deprecated] The St. Olaf community, now in pocket size.

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All About Olaf

Screenshot of the All About Olaf main menu

All About Olaf is a custom, student-oriented mobile application that provides simple and intuitive access to campus information and resources. This is an application created by a student; this is not the official iPhone application of St. Olaf College.

  • News: Stay connected to the St. Olaf community with notable stories about campus, current students, faculty, and alumni with news aggregated from the St. Olaf homepage.

  • Events: Find campus sports, musical performances, art shows, religious services, wellness talks, and other activities that occur on or around The Hill.

  • Menu: Curious as to what will be served for lunch or dinner in Stav Hall? View Bon Appétit’s menu on your phone to spend less time standing outside of the cafeteria and more time enjoying your meal.

  • Building hours: Find building opening/closing hours for food services, libraries, the book store, post office, and gymnasium during the semester.

  • Course schedule: View your course details and arrive to class on time by storing your semester schedules within the app.

  • Account balances: View your Flex Dollars, Ole Dollars, Copy/Print balances, and daily/weekly meals left.

  • Directory: Quickly locate the contact information of a student or faculty member, and find the email address of a peer or the location of a professor’s office.

  • Map: Never end up lost again with a fully annotated map of campus. Track your location on the map with a blue circle which will follow you around the map.

  • Transportation: There are a variety of options for students to get around in Northfield and the surrounding areas. Discover new ways to get around Northfield by bike, car, and bus.

  • Webcams: Whether you want to wave to yourself at the “Hi Mom!” camera or you just want to watch the sunset from the Alumni Hall West camera, explore the views of campus from the five live-streams.


[deprecated] The St. Olaf community, now in pocket size.






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