ZeroMQ Java bindings all packaged up and ready for use with leiningen + native-deps +
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ZeroMQ Java bindings all packaged up and ready for use with leiningen + native-deps + Includes linux x86, mac x86_64, and mac x86(??) //will include window x86, and window x86_64. Please fork and build for other architectures! Inludes windows x86. There is also a windows x86_64 folder with same dll as windows x86 (but this is NOT 64 bit! but it can work on 64 bit - if you run 32 bit java and place a 32 bit libzmq.dll into c:\system\sysWOW64 - this is just temporary until i have time to built 64 bit version).

Jzmq version used


commit number: ee2d21e1aa9ecd4e1a0b

commit comment: Added support for unregistering sockets from poller.

commit date: December 29, 2010

Usage in Project.clj

Look at sample_project.clj in this directory.

You also need to install zeromq 2.0.10 separately for your platform.


Windows Jzmq

the windows jzmq was build with microsoft visual c++ express 2008. Therefore, the runtime is required.

[[microsoft runtime][]]

TODO - Usage

The key thing to remember is that sockets are not thread safe. And they cant be made thread safe with locks - only the thread which creates the socket should use it in any manner! A context is thread safe. This is not really as bad as it might seem at first, however. At least for me - i use it by having a thread which acts a 'service' and accepts requests from the program and then sends them over the socket. I use a poller which polls over local requests (over inproc) and over external events (tcp, etc.) Read the zeromq manual to actually understand this!


This concept borrows from and updates this library from clojars' mikejs.


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.