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Welcome and thanks for contributing to bug fixing in Eco.

To post issues click the "Issues" tab, or go to this link:

To post suggestions click "StrangeLoopGames" -> "EcoSuggestions" -> "Issues" tab.

Or go to this link:

We appreciate any troubleshooting you can help with, so please keep an eye out for reply notifications via email.

When Posting an Issue

When posting a bug, please follow these Guidelines to help assist the developers:

  • Mention which version of Eco this bug is occurring in
  • Add the steps to reproduce the bug (screenshots and videoclips/gifs help a ton as well)
  • If hard to reproduce the bug, try to include the crash and log files found in C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games\ECO


Before posting, please remove all mods to verify the problem happens even without them.

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