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A Warcraft 3 game hosting bot with a not-so-great UI. Supports infinite lobbies, loading in-game, HCL game modes, saving replays, crypto-lending CD keys, and various other neat things.

Tinker was my hobby project when I was between jobs (and for awhile after that). As part of writing it I reverse-engineered WC3's game packet protocol, the checksums used to identify maps, and did a lot of experimenting with what would and wouldn't flex. In the end it was a fun tool to make, but not a very user-friendly tool to use.

Warning: Tinker probably can't login to BNET anymore, and might get your CD-Key banned. Blizzard makes tweaks to how Battle.net works now and then, and has rules against using third party programs. They don't seem to enforce those rules against hostbots, but they could.