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StrongKey FIDO Server (SKFS), Community Edition



The FIDO(R) Certified StrongKey FIDO Server (SKFS), Community Edition is an open-source solution designed for DIY coders who want passwordless FIDO2 logins for any application. Download the code and integrate it with your own web login, or study the OpenAPI documentation and contribute with your own code submissions.

StrongKey FIDO Certificate

Update on StrongKey FIDO Server (SKFS) distribution at Github

In November 2022, the local newspaper San Jose Mercury News reported that an open-source programmer, Matthew Butterick filed a class-action lawsuit against Github Copilot, Microsoft and OpenAI, alleging open-source license violations. You can learn more about the lawsuit from Matthew Butterick at the Github Copilot Litigation site.

As avid open-source supporters since our inception in 2001, we support this litigation. Some of us at StrongKey have witnessed Microsoft violating the law many times over the last 3 decades (US vs. Microsoft, EC vs. Microsoft, Stac Electronics, i4i, and perhaps more we are unaware of), and believe that it is hard for a leopard to change its spots even when its leadership changes.

While we recognize the lawsuit must run its course, we believe there is no need for StrongKey to continue to put its innovative open-source software in Github until there is a judgment by the courts. Consequently, our supporters are encouraged to get SKFS, its updates and support at SourceForge. We will continue to maintain SKFS there to eliminate passwords from the internet and protect FIDO private-keys where they should be: outside the control of cloud service providers!