Open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery and jQuery UI
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elFinder is an open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. Creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of Finder program used in Mac OS X operating system.

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  • master - Main development branch
  • 2.1-src - 2.1 development branch, auto build to 2.1 on commit
  • 2.0-src - 2.0 development branch (Security fix only), auto build to 2.0 on commit
  • 2.1 - 2.1 nightly build branch
  • 2.0 - 2.0 nightly build branch



  • All operations with files and folders on a remote server (copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, etc.)
  • High performance server backend and light client UI
  • Multi-root support
  • Local file system, MySQL, FTP volume storage drivers
  • Background file upload with Drag & Drop HTML5 support
  • List and Icons view
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Standard methods of file/group selection using mouse or keyboard
  • Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop
  • Archives create/extract (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2)
  • Rich context menu and toolbar
  • Quicklook, preview for common file types
  • Edit text files and images
  • "Places" for your favorites
  • Calculate directory sizes
  • Thumbnails for image files
  • Easy to integrate with web editors (elRTE, CKEditor, TinyMCE)
  • Flexible configuration of access rights, upload file types, user interface and other
  • Extensibility
  • Simple client-server API based on JSON


  • More High performance server backend and light client UI
  • Connector plugin
    • AutoRotate : Auto rotation on file upload of JPEG file by EXIF Orientation.
    • AutoResize : Auto resize on file upload.
    • Normalizer : UTF-8 Normalizer of file-name and file-path etc.
    • Sanitizer : Sanitizer of file-name and file-path etc.
    • Watermark : Print watermark on file upload.
  • Folder upload with Chrome, Firefox and Edge
  • Chunked file upload
  • Upload directly to the folder
  • Upload form URL (or list)
  • Creating the archive by specifying the file name
  • Direct extraction to the current working directory (you do not want to create a folder)
  • Supports© (Configurable & As network volume)
  • Supports custom information in info dialog
  • Configuable columns of list view
  • Supports custom CSS class function of tree view
  • For more details, see the Changelog


jQuery / jQuery UI

  • jQuery 1.8.0+
  • jQuery UI 1.9.0+

However, we recommend newest version.


  • Modern browser. elFinder was tested in Internet Explorer 8 and newest Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge and Opera


  • Any web server
  • PHP 5.2+ (Recommend PHP 5.4 or higher) And for thumbnails - GD / Imagick module / convert(imagemagick) require


Builds (compressed)

  1. Download and unzip one of the builds below to your PHP server
  2. Rename /php/connector.minimal.php-dist to /php/connector.minimal.php
  3. Load /elfinder.html in your browser to run elFinder

Source (uncompressed)

  1. Clone this repository to your PHP server

      $ git clone
  2. Rename /php/connector.minimal.php-dist to /php/connector.minimal.php

  3. Load /elfinder.src.html in your browser to run elFinder



Stable releases (Changelog)

Nightly builds

Demo sites

2.1.x Nightly


Which version of elFinder should I use?

  • 2.0.x if you do not need 2.1 of the advanced features.

  • 2.1.x if you want to try the experimental (bleeding edge, but API 2.1 connector is PHP only). It is also available from the connector on the API 1.x and 2.0.

Should I use elFinder builds (compressed) or source (uncompressed)?

For debugging and development, use the source. For production, use builds.

How do I integrate elFinder with CKEditor/TinyMCE/elRTE/etc...?

Check out the wiki for individual instructions.

The procedure of language files created or modified?

You can create or modify the language file to use translation tool. Please refer to the pull request the results to the respective branch.

3rd party connectors

3rd party Volume Drivers

3rd party Themes



We hope our tools will be helpful for you.


elFinder is issued under a 3-clauses BSD license.