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Deprecated, see ST3 note – Navigate back and forward between edit locations in the current file.
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Edit History

Sublime Text 3 note: This functionality is included by default (as Jump Back and Jump Forward), and so this plugin is not needed any more. Thanks for using it!

Navigate back and forward between edit locations in the current file.


  • A new edit location is only created if it is greater than 5 lines away from the previous saved edit location. ( number customizable via settings file )
  • When you go back to a point and then create a new edit location all the "future" locations are cleared, as in a web-browser.


Edit history provides three commands: previous_edit, next_edit and clear_edits


No default keybindings are provided as I couldn't find defaults that I liked that didn't override existing ones. I suggest super+[ on Mac and ctrl+[ on Linux and Windows. This overrides unindent and indent (I use Tab and Shift+Tab for this functionality). You can add the following to your User Keybindings:


  { "keys": ["super+["], "command": "previous_edit" },
  { "keys": ["super+]"], "command": "next_edit" }


  { "keys": ["ctrl+["], "command": "previous_edit" },
  { "keys": ["ctrl+]"], "command": "next_edit" }

Context Menu

Edit History adds "Back" and "Forward" entries to the context/right-click menu.

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