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Dynamic Video Stitching via Shakiness Removing

Demo code for the works below:

Video Demo on YouTube:

Video Demo


Including video clips from previous works, see Readme.MD for more details)

Google Drive Link BaiduYun

External libraries and code used:

How to use this demo code:

  1. In the folder /case-cuhk_lib, extract video frames of case17-l.mp4 to folder /left, and extract video frames of case17-r.mp4 to folder /right. After the frame extracation, each folder should contain 400 png files. The file names should be indexed properly. (e.g. 001.png 002.png ...)

  2. You may need to install CVX if you have not.

  3. Set MATLAB path to /Stitching-1.1.0, run RunStitching.m. The generated output frames will be in the auto-created subfolder under /case-cuhk_lib. (res_demo if you didn't change the output path).

  4. Build the OpenCV project in /SeamCut (You need to set OpenCV's include and library path manually) and copy the executable (e.g. SeamCut.exe) to the folder containing the output frames (1.png, A1.png, B1.png, 2.png, A2.png, B2.png, ...). This program finds the continuous optimal seam by GraphCut algorithm and use OpenCV's multi-band blending function.

  5. Run ./SeamCut 5 1 400 1 0.2 to see the final result. Blended frames are saved as D1.png, D2.png, ...

For more details, please read the comments

Please cite our papers:

@article{nie2018dynamic, title={Dynamic Video Stitching via Shakiness Removing}, author={Nie, Yongwei and Su, Tan and Zhang, Zhensong and Sun, Hanqiu and Li, Guiqing}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Image Processing}, volume={27}, number={1}, pages={164--178}, year={2018}, publisher={IEEE} }

@inproceedings{su2016video, title={Video stitching for handheld inputs via combined video stabilization}, author={Su, Tan and Nie, Yongwei and Zhang, Zhensong and Sun, Hanqiu and Li, Guiqing}, booktitle={SIGGRAPH ASIA 2016 Technical Briefs}, pages={25}, year={2016}, organization={ACM} }

Code by Tan Su, Zhensong Zhang and Yongwei Nie. For research purpose ONLY.


Demo code for our TIP video stitching paper in 2017





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