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DefinitelyPacked (beta)

DefinitelyPacked is a repository for common, community-driven MetaPack packages. We are aiming to bring together high-quality packages to help SharePoint professionals and develop and deliver solutions for SharePoint - both on-premises and SharePoint online.

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How does that work?

We created MetaPack introducing a common, open-source infrastructure for packaging, delivering and deploying SharePoint solutions.

It leverages NuGet platform to handle packaging, versioning and dependency management for SharePoint solutions. In a nutshell, MetaPack turns SharePoint customizations into NuGet packages so that we can reference other packages, version it and then push to any NuGet gallery you've got.

A beautiful part of MetaPack is packaging and deployment abstraction. You have full control over solution packaging and deployment, and we provide out of the box support for SharePointPnP and SPMeta2 - some of the most popular provisioning libraries for SharePoint.

Once you've for your solution in NuGet Gallery, you can deploy it with MetaPack API or command line interface.

Please refer to MetaPack documentation to get more understanding on how underlying infrastructure works:

Getting started with DefinitelyPacked

Firs of all, you need to install the latest MetaPack CLI. Once done, you would be able to deploy all DefinitelyPacked packages as easy as this:

SharePoint Online provision

metapack install `
        --id "package-id" `
        --url "" `
        --username "" `
        --userpassword "pass@word1" `
        --spversion "o365"

SharePoint 2013 provision

metapack install `
        --id "package-id" `
        --url "" `
        --username "" `
        --userpassword "pass@word1" `
        --spversion "sp2013"

DefinitelyPacked is in beta testing, so please add --source to get packages from the following NuGet feed as following:

metapack install `
        --id "package-id" `
        --url "" `
        --username "" `
        --userpassword "pass@word1" `
        --spversion "o365"

More options for deployments via MetaPack CLI are available here:

Available packages

DefinitelyPacked is in beta testing. All packages are available only AppVeyor build:

The foolowing packages are implemented:

Package Description
DefinitelyPacked.ArvoSys.spf-fieldsettings Enables management of advances field properties such as JSLink and others
DefinitelyPacked.ArvoSys.spf-imagefield SharePoint Flow Image Field
DefinitelyPacked.ArvoSys.spf-newitemcallout SharePoint custom callout for new item hero button
DefinitelyPacked.jQuery Delivers jQuery JavaScript library to 'Style library'

Feature requests, support and contributions

DefinitelyPacked is a part of the SPMeta2 ecosystem. In case you have unexpected issues or keen to see new features please contact support on SPMeta2 Yammer or here at github: