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Mojolicious package for the Perl Web Dev Framework for Sublime Text 2
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This plugin has a syntax, completions, and snippets for working with Mojolicious ( Embedded Perl templates.


Inside a Embedded Perl block the following completions are available:

<% <%= <%== app content content_for dumper extends include flash layout layout memorize param session stash url_for title base_tag check_box file_field form_for hidden_field input_tag javascript link_to password_field radio_button select_field stylesheet submit_button tag text_area text_field

Perl Snippets

From a Mojolicious controller you can use these snippets:

debug -> $self->app->log->debug(${1:'debug message'});

error -> $self->app->log->error(${1:'error message'});

mdump -> $self->app->log->debug($self->dumper(${1:object}));


  • Default everything not in a Mojolicious block to HTML
  • Add (more) stuff for Mojo::Lite
  • Add Mojolicious helpers for inside Perl source
  • Make awesomer


June 28, 2012

  • Resolved Issue #3 (and Issue #2). Adjusting syntax to use source.js and source.css syntax inside javascript/stylesheet blocks.
  • Set a scope name ( on begin and end within EP tags

June 25, 2012

  • Resolved Issue #1. Added JSON-tmLanguage and tmLanguage syntaxes for Mojolicious' Embedded Perl in Perl __DATA__ sections.
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