Pear Php_beautifier plugin for Sublime Text 2
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PHP code formatter for Sublime Text editor with Pear php_beautifier

Sublime Text 2



This is a Sublime Text 2 plugin allowing you to format your PHP code. It uses php beautifier.


Install php-pear and php-cli with your package manager :

  • php-pear & php5-cli with Debian
  • php-pear & php with Archlinux

Install php beautifier from pear channel : sudo pear install --alldeps channel://

Clone or download the files and copy them to your Packages folder. You can access it via Preferences -> Browse Packages in sublime text.


ctrl + shift + P and type Format: PHP, or you can use the ctrl + alt + f keybinding.


You can define some options in the script Default options are : PHP_OPTIONS = "-s4 -l 'ArrayNested()' " (indent with 4 spaces and nested arrays).