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πŸ›° Orbital - Video File Browser

Orbital is a local-first desktop app that allows you to search, filter, and preview video (and image) files on your computer. It turns your computer's file browser into YouTube. All questions (and suggestions) can be directed to me on πŸ‘‰ Twitter.

How does it work?



  • Gallery view of videos and images.

  • Search files through all sub-folders with filename.

  • Preview media files and traverse them with keybindings.

  • Drag and drop media files into other apps like iMovie or Da Vinci Resolve.

  • Choose between light, dracula, and gruvbox color themes.

πŸ€” Discussions

πŸ’» Developer Guide

This part of the README is dedicated to anyone who wishes to get into the technical details of Orbital. For what it's worth, I started learning React and TypeScript two months ago so I would really appreciate any feedback on the code!

Updates Checklist

  • Make PR describing changes
  • Create new release on merge
  • Update gumroad .dmg file
  • Update Orbital version

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Redux
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Electron.js
  • FFmpeg

Getting Started

// running
npm install
npm run dev

// building
// while Orbital is open-source, I ask that you do not re-distribute it
npm install
npm run electron-pack


While Orbital is open-source, I ask that you do not re-distribute it.