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deadcoder0904 commented Nov 14, 2020

🚀 Feature Request

📝 Description

I always want a Horizontal layout but it always switches back to FlexiGrid

Describe the solution you'd like

Save whatever layout I select before exiting the app & show me the same layout when I open the app.

At least, that's what Desktop Apps are supposed to do :)

🤖 字幕组机翻小助手 - 【功能1:翻译字幕文件】 .srt .ass .vtt 【功能2:语音转文字】(拖入视频或音频识别出字幕) (最新版 v3.7.0 更新时间2020年11月15号) 可配置12家翻译服务商,如谷歌,百度,腾讯,彩云,IBM,Azure,Amazon等(可配置6家语音服务商:阿里云,讯飞,腾讯云,IBM,Azure,Amazon )优点:1. 可以用多家服务商,2. 自己配 API Key 用自己账户的免费额度,比如腾讯每月有500万字符的免费翻译额度,IBM 有500分钟的语音转文字免费额度

  • Updated Nov 15, 2020

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