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Project Hub

Inspired by Brad Frost—who I guess was inspired by me?—I’ve taken a pass at a new Project Hub.

Here are a few details on what I thought needed improvement:

  • Seeing the future. Good Project Hubs document the past in a way that makes it easy for a client—or you—to keep track of the process. However, I’ve started to pre-populate the entire process for my clients so that they know not only what’s happened but also what’s coming up.
  • Focusing on a moment in time. Though this Project Hub lets you see an entire project timeline, it’s still really valuable to know where you currently are in the process. By default, each milestone is labeled with a class name of entry-future, which keeps the upcoming milestone grayed out. Once you’ve completed a milestone, remove this class name; that will darken the text and place a checkmark next to it. Lastly, add a class of entry-latest to the latest milestone to auto-scroll the page. (You can also change this class name on line 18 of the JavaScript file.)

You can see the finished result here:

Pull request or fork at your leisure. Happy Project Hubbing!