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Repository for SuperOffice developers, both internal and partners, to come and share ideas, tools and code related to SuperOffice.


  1. SuperOffice.WebApi-Samples SuperOffice.WebApi-Samples Public

    Contains samples for SuperOffice.WebApi library.

    C# 5

  2. devnet-database-mirroring devnet-database-mirroring Public

    Contains example database mirroring project.

    C# 1 2

  3. CRMScripts CRMScripts Public

    Contains helper SuperOffice CRMScripts and examples.

    10 3

  4. devnet-crmscript-chatbot devnet-crmscript-chatbot Public

    Chatbot examples - showing how to build a chatbot, and integrate with cloud based services.

    JavaScript 1

  5. node-express-convert-certs-and-sys-token node-express-convert-certs-and-sys-token Public

    Examples NodeJs and Express application to demonstrate how to convert RSA XML to RSA PEM, and how to use RSA key and System User Token to call Partner System User Service SOAP endpoint to obtain a …


  6. devnet-nextjs-chakraui devnet-nextjs-chakraui Public

    Sample NextJS application using NextAuth and ChakraUI

    JavaScript 2


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