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macOS launcher for Fusée Gelée
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:::Please Note::: This project still works, and will likely continue to work, but it has been deprecated in favor of NXBoot for macOS users. My apologies.

Nintendo Switch RCM Payload Launcher for macOS

This is a simple fork of the original fusee-launcher.

It contains no payloads. You must download and place the payloads in the "payloads" directory.


  • Python 3.6+
  • libusb
  • pyusb
  • tkinter


  1. Install Homebrew
  2. Install Python 3: brew install python
  3. Install libusb: brew install libusb
  4. Install Python dependencies: python3 -m pip install pyusb


  1. Install everything in the above Dependencies area
  2. Look at the top of this repository page
  3. Click the green button that says "Clone or download"
  4. Download ZIP
  5. Find where the ZIP has been downloaded and extract it
  6. In the folder that was extracted, place your Fusée payloads in the payloads folder.
  7. Enter RCM mode on the Switch (this will not be covered here)
  8. While in RCM mode, connect the Switch to a USB port on the computer (using a hub will likely not work!)
  9. Double-click on macOS launch.command
  10. Choose a payload from the list.
  11. Press Run.


Receiving this error? usb.core.NoBackendError: No backend available

Run: brew link --overwrite libusb

If you are recieving issues and wish for help, please open a GitHub issue or let me know on the GBATemp thread. Include the following information:

  1. MacOS Version String (e.g., 10.14.x). Just giving me the name of the release ("High Sierra") does not help as much.
  2. Mac hardware. Include the model and year, so I know what ports and interfaces you are using.


  • ReSwitched
  • Ktemkin
  • SciresM
  • @gbazone on GBATemp and his OS X tutorial
  • @trainboy2019 on GitHub for making the tkinter GUI and submitting a pull request
  • @Ickerday on GitHub for code cleanup, general improvements, and submitting a pull request
  • If I forgot anyone else I'm sorry - I love you too, don't worry! Let me know and I'll credit you here.
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