Support free culture by automatically sending cryptocurrency to the creators of the content you love.
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Reward the creators of all content and software according to your preferences. Be thankful.

Thankful is a program that takes data about which websites you visit, which music you listen to, which videos you watch, which applications you use (such as Thankful itself), and then presents it to you and allows you to distribute a charitable sum of your choice to those creators you think are deserving.

How much you donate does not have to be much, as Thankful would be built with microtransactions in mind. You could therefore donate very small amounts, only limited by the creators chosen donation methods. This serves doubly to incentivize creators to use such payment solutions. If they don't support such methods, the to-donate amount could accumulate until large enough.

By using Thankful, you incentivize people to want you to like what they are doing, instead of exploiting or distracting you (such as advertising, sponsored content and data collection).

Thankful is being developed by Superuser Labs, it is our hope that people will want to express their gratitude towards others so we can have more sane incentives in society.

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  • Supports data from ActivityWatch.
  • Support content primarily by rewarding creators, not platforms.
  • Payments are done using cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin).
    • This allows for: pseudonymity, verifiability and microtransactions.
  • Creators are incentivized to be transparent about how much they have received.
    • Could be used to build a list of top creators, effectively providing exposure for the most appreciated and high quality content.
    • Could be used as a score in a personal recommendation engine.

What content could be funded by Thankful?

  • Videos (from web/YouTube/Vimeo history)
  • Music (from Spotify/Soundcloud/YouTube/browsing history)
  • Writing (from web history, like history on Twitter/Reddit/Facebook)
    • Great for blogs, comments, etc.
  • Software (from application/browser history)
    • How the development of free software should be funded has been a problem for a long time (See this article)
    • Preferably the software creator would indicate which dependencies are important enough to receive a part of the funds.
    • One could even fund development of the software dependencies by doing dependency analysis.
  • Charities
    • While people usually don't consume much content from charities, users could be encouraged to donate to them at the same time they're donating to other things they want to support.
  • Podcasts

How do creators join?

This is an issue where we have yet to decide on a solution. We don't want a centralized control, because we don't think it should be necessary.

Some options are (probably some combination of):

  • Website owners put a special html tag in place which provides a cryptocurrency address for receiving donations.
  • Content creators on platforms are identified automatically and looked up in a database.
  • Users of Thankful can themselves look up a donation method when one is not automatically detected.


  • Anyone can become a creator and be funded without a third party.
  • Transparent donation methods (such as cryptocurrencies) give users an insight into how much creators make.
  • Microtransactions enable donating small amounts to a lot of people who do a lot of smaller goods.
  • By being able to prove your charity you can prove your goodwill.

A content recommendation algorithm that prioritizes scores would effectively be ad costs by donating to themselves.

What does it cost?

We want to prove that it works by funding ourselves with it, so we give it to you for free (both free as in "free lunch" and free as in freedom), and hope you will be thankful. Zero, zip, nothing, nil. We will try to make Thankful as good as possible and hope that people will be thankful for that and reward us accordingly.

Existing alternatives

  • Patreon
  • Kickstarter
  • Open Collective
  • Bountysource
  • Flattr
  • Gratipay
  • Liberapay
  • Brave
  • Giveth

All these deserve our deepest thanks, they have all done something very special and we've learned a lot by observing their journeys over the years.

Here's a related article by the FOSSPost: "Fund Open Source Software With These 5 Platforms"


Thank you

  • Satoshi Nakamoto & the Bitcoin community: for bringing cryptocurrency to the world, without which decentralized payments would remain a dream.
  • Patreon: for the immense success you've had with recurring payments, turning donations into sustainable income for creators.
  • Open Collective: for creating a new standard of transparency for open communities.
  • Bountysource: for creating an interesting way to fund open source development.
  • Flattr: for bringing some good ideas to the table (but unfortunately failing to care about privacy with Flattr Plus).
  • Steem: a pretty cool project. I've learned a lot by observing it, but I expect it to never have significant growth.
  • Yours: for trying something crazy. (see video: "Improving Content Quality with P2P Micropayments")