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The tré programming language

tré compiles a cross-compatible dialect of Lisp to JavaScript, PHP 7+ and Common Lisp.

Table of Contents

  1. Contributors
  2. Build and install
  3. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Introduction to Lisp
  5. Starting a Project
  6. Syntax
  7. Class
  8. Porting from PHP
  9. Compiler
  10. Compiler source docs
  11. Environment
  12. Modules
  13. Stuff using tré
  14. Wishlist

Build and install


tré requires SBCL and Git. You require basic knowledge of Common LISP, PHP and JavaScript.

To install the required packages on Ubuntu or derivates run:

sudo apt install sbcl git -y

Running ''

Shell script "" is the makefile for tre with several actions you can list by specifying target "help".

./ help

To build and install just do:

./ boot
./ install

This will build and install executable "tre" to /usr/local/bin/ and all other files to /usr/local/. TODO: environment var "PREFIX" to change the destination directory. It takes an optional pathname of a source file to compile and execute. If no file was specified, it'll prompt you for expressions to execute.

VIM syntax file

While booting the environment tré generates a syntax file for VIM named 'tre.vim' which you can copy to ~/.vim/after/syntax/. It extends the already existing syntax highlighting rules for Lisp code.


Compiles a streamlined Lisp dialect to JavaScript and PHP.








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