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Kraken - Web Interface Survey Tool

Kraken is a tool to help make your web interface testing workflow more efficient. This is done by using Django, Apache, and a MySql database to store and organize web interface screenshots and data. This allows you and your team to take notes and track which hosts have been tested simultaniously. Once you are finished, you can view these notes you took and generate reports in the Reports section.

Quick Start

Kraken has been Dockerized! You can now run Kraken with Docker and have the database persist in a Docker Volume using the follow command after installing Docker, if you don’t have it:

docker volume create krakendb

docker run \
  --mount source=krakendb,target=/app/db \
  -p 5000:80 \

Once ran, access Kraken with https://localhost:5000/. Kraken can be started and stopped as you like. The second command will start Kraken again:

docker container list

docker container stop <Container ID>

docker run \
  --mount source=krakendb,target=/app/db \
  -p 5000:80 \

OLD Quick Start

Clone the repository down and run the following commands (Note, don't clone into /opt or it won't install correctly):

# chmod 755

# ./

You will be asked to supply a TCP port to host Kraken on. The default port is 8000. The setup script will ensure that your system is not using the port selected before proceeding.

Once setup is complete, open your browser and visit http://localhost: and use the following default credentials to log in:


User management functionality can be found at http://localhost:8000/admin

Detailed Installation Steps, Usage, and Troubleshooting

Please visit the wiki for more detailed information.


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