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I'm Only Resting is a feature-rich WinForms-based HTTP client that makes building and managing HTTP requests easy and offers various smart response content rendering modes.


Feature Overview

  • Easy request management
    • Save, Save As..., and Open... file menu options
    • URL auto-completion
    • Persistent request history with temporary response snapshots.
  • Choose from 3 response body output modes
    • Raw - content is displayed as plain text honoring the content-type charset
    • Pretty - content is displayed as plain text honoring the content-type charset and additionally performs pretty-printing on XML, JSON, and HTML content-types.
    • Rendered - content is rendered in an embedded IE browser instance. XML, HTML, and images are rendered using IE's rendering engine. JSON is rendered using JSON.NET pretty-printing embedded in an html pre tag. Other types of plain text are embedded in an html pre tag. IE's search feature is enabled.
  • Export raw response body bytes with automatic file-type extension detection based on the content-type
  • Attempt to pretty-print XML and JSON request bodies using .NET XDocument type and Json.NET respectively
  • Configure a proxy server
  • User-interface for managing persistent user-settings
  • Request-response split panel view can toggle between horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Rich text editing and syntax highlighting provided by ScintillaNET
  • Interactive interface for inspecting log file

build status

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