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This is an unofficial mirror of docsetutil: a developer tool for working with .docset bundles that was removed in Xcode 9.3.



Run the following command to install using homebrew:

$ brew install swiftdocorg/formulae/docsetutil


Run the following commands to build and install manually:

$ git clone
$ cd DocSetUtil
$ make install


docsetutil(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            docsetutil(1)


docsetutil -- Index, search, test, and package documentation sets


docsetutil index [options] docsetpath
docsetutil search [options] docsetpath
docsetutil validate [options] docsetpath
docsetutil dump [options] docsetpath
docsetutil package [options] docsetpath
docsetutil help


Documentation sets are special bundles which hold documentation that can be loaded and searched by Xcode 3.0 and later.

The docsetutil tool performs several operations on documentation sets. The tool's primary operations are generating the full-text and API indexes for a documentation set bundle and then packaging up the documen- tation set for distribution. When indexing, the tool uses one or more XML files in the bundle's Resources folder to learn about the contents of the documentation set. Once the indexes are generated, docsetutil can be used to test and perform searches on those indexes.

Common Options

Most docsetutil verbs accept the following options:

-localization loc

Perform the operation using a particular localization in the documentation set bundle. Documentation sets can be localized. This option tells docsetutil which localization to load or create (when indexing). loc is a string, such as en or ja , that matches an lproj folder in the bundle.


Do not perform the operation for the full-text index. For example, when performing a search for an API sym- bol, you may not want to also perform a full-text search. Also, because generating the indexes can be time consuming for large documentation sets, you may not want to create both indexes while developing and testing your own documentation set.


Do not perform the operation for the API index.
Similar to the -skip-text option.

-node nodePath

Perform the operation only on the documents that reside at or below a particular location in the docu- mentation set's table-of-contents node hierarchy. The syntax is a colon-separated list of node names identi- fying how to navigate to the desired node, starting with the root node. For example, -node 'Library Documentation:Tutorial' would limit the operation to a second-level node (and all of its descendents) named "Tutorial" below the root node named "Library Documen- tation". Because there is only one root node, its inclusion is optional, so the previous example could just be written as -node 'Tutorial'.


Print out additional information about the operation being performed.


Print out detailed information about the operation being performed, which will likely be useful only when trying to track down a failure.


The operations supported by docsetutil are:


Display minimal usage information for the tool. help accepts no options.


Convert the XML files describing the documentation set into a binary form and generate a full-text index of the contents of the documentation.

Common options: -localization, -skip-text, -skip-api, -node, -verbose, and -debug


-fallback path

Documentation sets can distribute their content between the installed bundle and an alternative loca- tion, usually a website. This optional value tells docsetutil where to look (locally) for additional con- tent that needs to be indexed.


If a node uses an absolute URL for its landing page, download that page and include it in the full-text index.


Search the full-text and API indexes for the specified term(s).

Common options: -localization, -skip-text, -skip-api, -node, -verbose, and -debug.


-query str

The string to search for in both the full-text and API index. This option is required when searching.

When searching the full-text index, str is treated as a SearchKit query, so you can perform complex queries. For example, you can use

-query 'Xcode && build*'

to search for all documents that mention Xcode and also contain a word starting with "build".

When searching the API index, str is normally treated as an exact, case-insensitive symbol name; no wild cards are allowed. However, the API search can be con- strained using the extended syntax language/type/scope/name, where language is the lan- guage in which the symbol is defined, type is a spe- cial identifier that specifies the type of symbol for which to search, scope is the namespace or container (such as class) in which the symbol is defined, and name is the actual name of the symbol. Furthermore, this syntax performs a case-sensitive search for the symbol scope and name. If the symbol has no scope (ie, it is a global symbol), use '-'; if you don't want to constrain the search with one of the terms use '*'. To search for all Objective-C symbols defined inside the NSWindow class, you can do:

-query 'Objective-C/*/NSWindow/*'

Examine the indexes for all the files referenced and verify that those files actually exist in the documentation set (or its fallback location).

Common options: -localization, -skip-text, -skip-api, -verbose, and -debug.


-fallback path

Documentation sets can distribute their content between the bundle and an alternative location, usu- ally a website. This optional value tells docsetutil where to look (locally) for additional content against which the indexes should be checked. If you indexed the documentation set with a fallback location, you should also specify the same (or equivalent) location when validating the indexes.


Print out the contents of the indexes. The table-of-contents will be printed out in an indented style to reflect the struc- ture; the set of files that were included in the full-text index will be listed and grouped according to the document to which each file belongs and the location at which each document was found; and brief descriptions of all the symbols in the API index will be listed.

Common options: -localization, -skip-text, -skip-api, -node, -verbose, and -debug.

-toc-depth N

When printing out the table-of-content hierarchy, descend only N levels deep. N of 0 means display only the highest level node; do not descend into the hier- archy. The default value is 5.

-text-depth N

When printing the files from the full-text index, dis- play the full-text hierarchy of location, document, and file to a particular depth. N of 0 means display only the high-level locations (ie, default documenta- tion set location, the fallback location, or a website URL) at which nodes were indexed. N of 1 means fur- ther display the relative path of each node indexed inside each location. N of 2 means further display the relative path of each file indexed inside each node. The default value is 1.


Generate an XAR archive of the documentation set appropriate for downloading and installing by Xcode.

Common options: -verbose, and -debug.


-output packagePath

The path of the archive to create. If this option is not used, the archive is written to the same folder as the source documentation set with the same name as the documentation set, except with the ".docset" extension changed to ".xar".

-signid identityName

Include a digital signature in the archive using the specified identity. Xcode will validate this signa- ture before installing the documentation. docsetutil searches the current user's keychains for an identity with the given name.

-atom atomPath

Generate or update an entry about the documentation set in an Atom feed file at the given location. If no file exists at the location, yet, docsetutil will cre- ate a new Atom file there with a single entry about the documentation set. Xcode is able to subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds to learn about and download updates to documentation sets.

-download-url downloadURL

Use the given URL as the download location of the package in the feed entry. If a new feed entry is created, but this option is not specified, docsetutil will use a placeholder in the entry, which you will need to edit before publishing the feed.

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