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@Swordfish90 Swordfish90 released this May 9, 2020

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@Swordfish90 Swordfish90 released this Jan 19, 2019

  • Fix frame rendering issues on Nvidia GPUs
  • Fix High DPI issues
  • Make burnin optimization optional (was introducing timing artifacts under macOS)
  • Fix issue with font scaling slider

Travis CI build log:

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@Swordfish90 Swordfish90 released this Dec 18, 2018

  • Two years of upstream qtermwidget fixes
  • Shiny (literally) new frame
  • System fonts support
  • Lowered GPU and Memory usage
  • Faster and burn in effect
  • Improved colors support
  • Improved RGB shift effect
  • Improved colors support
  • Many other small tweaks and fixes
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@Swordfish90 Swordfish90 released this Oct 27, 2017

  • Fixed issues with High Sierra
  • Font improvements
  • Misc fixes
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@Swordfish90 Swordfish90 released this Jan 25, 2015

This long awaited v1.0.0 has finally landed. Since the RC1 you can expect fixes, huge performance improvements and various tweaks. The full changelog:

  • Improved font upscaling with much better performance
  • Huge improvements in quality and speed of burn-in effect (especially at low FPSs)
  • Optimise performance of bloom effect
  • New fonts
  • [Linux] Fix bad behaviours in colour dialog
  • [OSX] Fix UTF8 characters issues
  • [OSX] Fix ALT key behaviour
  • Many other small fixes/improvements
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@Swordfish90 Swordfish90 released this Dec 26, 2014

This is the first actual release of CRT. In the last few weeks I've worked hard on fixing issues and improving performance. All the features I wanted in v1.0.0 are in place, the speed and stability are sufficient, so I decided to mark this release as RC1. Moreover we now have feature parity between the Linux version and the OS X version (a dmg file is included to ease the install).

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