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Symbolic (Java) PathFinder:

This JPF extension provides symbolic execution for Java bytecode. It performs a non-standard interpretation of byte-codes. It allows symbolic execution on methods with arguments of basic types (int, long, double, boolean, etc.). It also supports symbolic strings, arrays, and user-defined data structures.

SPF now has a "symcrete" mode that executes paths triggered by concrete inputs and collects constraints along the paths

A paper describing Symbolic PathFinder appeared at ISSTA'08:

Title: Combining Unit-level Symbolic Execution and System-level Concrete Execution for Testing NASA Software, Authors: C. S. Pasareanu, P. C. Mehlitz, D. H. Bushnell, K. Gundy-Burlet, M. Lowry, S. Person, M. Pape.

Getting Started

First of all please use Java 8 (I am afraid our tools do not work with newer versions of Java).

Then please download jpf-core from here:

And jpf-symbc from here:

Import them in Eclipse as 2 Java projects. Also create a .jpf dir in your home directory and create in it a file called "" with the following content:

jpf-core = ${user.home}/.../path-to-jpf-core-folder/jpf-core

jpf-symbc = ${user.home}/.../path-to-jpf-core-folder/jpf-symbc


You can then try to run some examples by selecting a .jpf file from the "examples" directory and then selecting a run configuration from the "Run" menu in Eclipse. In particular you should select: "run-JPF-symbc" to run Symbolic PathFinder on your example (configuration "run-JPF-symbc-mac" is tailored for Mac).

Good luck!


Symbolic PathFinder



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