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What is Synapse?

Synapse is a project created by two german official community Server-Hosters. We used Harmony to create a framework which makes it easier for us to implement new functions, game updates and overall a new experience for players.

Features & Configs

Synapse itself has a ton of features some of these include:

  • Permission system which replaces the Permission system of SCP:SL
  • MapPoint API
  • Custom Role API
  • Custom Item API
  • Custom Team API
  • Custom Command API
  • Dummy API that are able to walk
  • API to interact with the Features of SCP:SL
  • Database support
  • Translation system
  • Wrappers for various vanilla-classes


The installation of Synapse is very easy.

Download the newest release from the Releases page. Then follow the instructions under the Wiki: Hosting Guides


Developing for Synapse is just as easy as the Installation. Please check our example plugin and our Wiki for a full API documentation.

Support & Credits

In need of Support please join our Discord!

First of all we need to thank SCP: Secret Laboratory and Northwood Studios for creating this amazing game. Please support them and the game via their patron.

We also need to thank the Harmony guys for developing a Runtime .NET Patcher.

Created by Dimenzio and Helight