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This repository contains the Node JS file system provider for the file manager component.
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NodeJS file system providers for Essential JS 2 File Manager

This repository contains the nodeJS file system provider used for Essential JS 2 File Manager component.

Key Features

The Node.js file system provider module allows you to work with the physical file system. It also provides the methods for performing various file actions like creating a new folder, renaming files and deleting files.

NodeJs File System Provider Serves the file system providers support for the FileManager component with the NodeJS.

The following actions can be performed with NodeJS file system provider.

  • Read - Read the files from NodeJS file system.
  • Details - Gets a file's details which is Type, Size, Location and Modified date.
  • Upload - Uploads a file in NodeJS file system. It accepts uploaded media with the following characteristics: - Maximum file size: 30MB - Accepted Media MIME types: /
  • Create - Create a New Folder.
  • Delete - Delete a folder or file.
  • Rename - Rename a folder or file.
  • Search - Search a file or folder in NodeJS file system.
  • Copy - Copy the selected files or folders to target.
  • Move - Moves the selected files or folders to target.
  • Download - Download the selected file or folder.

How to configure a web service

Follow the below set of commands to configure the nodeJS file system providers.

  • To install ej2-filemanager-node-filesystem package, use the following command.
  npm install @syncfusion/ej2-filemanager-node-filesystem
  • To install the depend packages for the file system provider, navigate to @syncfusion/ej2-filemanager-node-filesystem folder within the node_modules and run the below command
  npm install
  • Now, run the below command line to check the Node API service in local and will be started in http://localhost:8090/. By default the nodeJS directory service is configured with C:/Users.

To configure the directory

  • To change the directory use flag -d like this -d D:/Projects

To configure the port

  • To change the port use like this set PORT=3000

For example:

set PORT=3000 && node filesystem-server.js -d D:/Projects

start the service

To start the service use this command,

npm start


Product support is available for through following mediums.


Check the license detail here.


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© Copyright 2019 Syncfusion, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Syncfusion Essential Studio license and copyright applies to this distribution.

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