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Drynkro - Synchro Drink Robot app

This app is intended to be installed into a Synchro Server environment using the Synchro Command Line Interface tool.

Installing Synchro Drynkro

To install in your Synchro Server environment using the Synchro CLI:

$ synchro install

Alternatively, you may use Git to install this app and keep it up to date. To do that, you will want to clone Drynkro (this repo) into the synchro-apps directory in your Synchro installation, then install Synchro Drynkro into your configuration using the Synchro CLI:

$ synchro add Drynkro drynkro

Configuring Synchro Drynkro

Before running Synchro Server with this app, you should provide the app configuration setting LIQUOR, which may contain one of: Vodka, Rum, Tequila. If not provided, Vodka will be used.

The easiest way to set this value is to add it to the Synchro Server config.json file after installing the Synchro Drynkro app into your local configuration (as described in the previous section):

  "APPS": {
    ... other apps ...
    "drynkro": {
      "container": "drynkro",

Updating Synchro Drynkro

If you installed this app using synchro install, then you may update it (getting the most recent version) at any time by doing:

$ synchro install -u drynkro

Of course if you installed by cloning the repo, then you will use Git to update as appropriate.