DKMS-ready driver for AMD PCI-E MP2 I2C controllers
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This is a major rework of the proposed MP2 I2C controller driver initially written by AMD for recent Ryzen-based laptops (e.g Dell Latitude 5495, Lenovo Yoga 530/Ideapad 530s, ...'s touchpad/touchscreen), which had a number of issues:

  • couldn't work with more than one bus
  • assumed that there's only one slave
  • ignored bus speeds specified by ACPI tables
  • buffer overreads/overflows when message length wasn't a multiple of 4
  • allocated heap/coherent DMA buffers for every read/write
  • no timeout checks, assumed the i2c device would respond in less than 50 jiffies
  • no protection against data races

This rewrite fixes all of these issues and is being submitted to the kernel.


    sudo ./

⚠️ If your distribution is Ubuntu-based ⚠️, your kernel may ship with AMD's initial driver which is broken on some laptops and can't be overridden by a DKMS module, therefore before installing the driver you also need to install a kernel from