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After a refresh pass to fix the most egregiously out-of-date material (resulting in v5.1 release on October 5, 2018), the following is a TODO list of new material to be added:

  • Chapter 1:
    • Identify recurring themes and tie together: Virtualization/Tunnels, Video/Multimedia
    • Need to expand discussion on ops/mgmt and tie to Software-Defined efforts
  • Chapter 2:
    • Need to expand Access Network section (PON, 5G) [Draft: update branch.]
    • Consider cutting BISYNC and 2-d parity . [Done: master branch.]
  • Chapter 3:
    • Need a major rewrite of the Implementation section [Draft: update branch.]
    • Need to talk about WDM and packet/optical
  • Chapter 4:
    • Need to talk about cloud's impact on Internet structure (hidden backbones)
    • Need to discuss how BGP is used in practice to effect various policies
    • Need to connect the dots for MPLS and WDM
    • Need to discuss application-level approaches to dealing with mobility
  • Chapter 5
    • Need to add gRPC as an example RPC. Others?
    • Need to set the record straight on HTTP-based streaming (vs RTP).
  • Chapter 6
    • Need to add DCTCP and BBR descriptions
  • Chapter 7
    • Need to add more detail on adaptive streaming
  • Chapter 8
    • Need to talk about threats and trust (maybe an intro "Issues" section)
  • Chapter 9
    • Need to say something about HTTP/2
    • Need to update the REST v SOAP debate
    • Need to say something about SDN and the "control/config" half of the management problem
    • Consider describing some other management system (e.g., OpenConfig?)
    • Consider adding TOR to Overlay section
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