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Knowledge Independent Network Construction (KINC)

KINC is a C++ application for constructing a gene co-expression network (GCN) from a gene expression matrix (GEM).

For more information, see the KINC documentation.


If you use KINC in your research, please cite the following two papers:

Shealy, B. T., Burns, J. J. R., Smith, M. C., Alex Feltus, F., & Ficklin, S. P. (2019). GPU Implementation of Pairwise Gaussian Mixture Models for Multi-Modal Gene Co-Expression Networks. IEEE Access, 7, 160845–160857.

Burns, J. J. R., Shealy, B. T., Greer, M. S., Hadish, J. A., McGowan, M. T., Biggs, T., Smith, M. C., Feltus, F. A., & Ficklin, S. P. (2022). Addressing noise in co-expression network construction. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 23(1).