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Code Profiler Plugin

© University of Leeds 2016

Code Profiler Plugin (CP) is a component of the European Project TANGO ( ).

CP is distributed under the Eclipse Public Licence, version 2.0.


The code profiler is a tool for analysing Java code for its energy efficiency.

Installation Guide

This guide it is divided into two different guides, one specific to compilation of the code profiler and the second on how to run it.



The code profiler's primary prerequisites are:

  • Java
  • Eclipse
  • Maven

Installation and configuration procedure

Build status from Travis-CI

Build Status

Sonar Cloud reports:

The Sonar Cloud reports for this project are available at:

Installation Guide for running the Application

In this case, we are going to detail how to run the application as a plugin of the Eclipse IDE.

Usage Guide

This application works as a standard plugin to eclipse. It creates a new perspective for monitoring that may be used to monitor power consumption of applications running in an eclipse based environment.

It extends JVM Monitor so the JVM Monitor user guide remains applicable.

Relation to other TANGO components

The code profiler works with:

  • Energy Modeller - The Energy modeller provides power modelling services to the code profiler.