Octocat Attacks is a match-3 style game built in Flash, using Flixel for the game engine and Pixen for early pixel art. Built with love by Jon Lim (@jonlim) and Wayne Sang (@waynesang).
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"Octocat Attacks" - Our Match-3 Game

For GitHub Game Off, we decided to build a match-3 style puzzle game using Flash, as it was the fastest way to get up and running and working on the game.

The Game Concept

In "Octocat Attacks", our storyline is that a massive alien version of the Octocat (pictured below) has landed on Earth and is getting ready to start attacking. A loose federation of countries decides to create a giant robot to defend the world from its impending doom, but decide each work on a separate branch of the robot.

The game follows each country's attempt to develop said branch of robot, and they can unlock three different tiers of quality based on score per level: bronze, silver, and gold. The quality of the robot part that is produced is directly affected by the performance on a level. In turn, the quality of the overall robot, based on each individual part, affects your final battle with the alien Octocat.

The Team

Jon Lim - @jonlim
Coding and Development

Wayne Sang - @waynesang
Art and Design

Technical Aspects


  • ActionScript 3
  • Flixel
  • TweenLite


  • Photoshop
  • Pixen

Open Source

In developing our game, we utilized Flixel, an open source Flash game-making library, and TweenLite from Greensock for the animations. Early pixel art was created in Pixen.


Additional Comments

The game is far from complete. On the coding side, Jon is relatively new to game development and was essentially learning Actionscript 3 while he went along, and still can't figure out how to properly animate the refilling of the game pieces. With respect to art, Wayne did an incredible job putting together 8-bit pixel art and the game definitely feels real polished because of his work.

We have zero experience in using sound, and were too busy doing everything else to even think about it for now, but it would also add to the polish of the gameplay!

We are going to continue working on the game after this, and were really using GitHub Game Off as an excuse to finally get started on a project together.