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A proof-of-concept implementation of the Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information (TAXII).


YETI is a proof-of-concept implementation of TAXII that supports the Inbox, Poll and Discovery services defined by the TAXII Services Specification. YETI was written for Python 2.7 and utilizes the Django 1.7 web application framework. It created to help developers implement and test their own TAXII applications and help non-developers learn more about TAXII.

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Getting Started

View our Getting Started page for installation instructions. Once installed (either locally or on a remote server), users can interact with YETI using the provided scripts, or any other TAXII client.


NOTE: Specific versions of YETI 2.0 depend on specific versions of taxii_services:

  • YETI 2.0a3 depends on taxii_services 0.2 or later
  • YETI 2.0a2 depends on taxii_services 0.1.2

NOTE: Versions 1.x of YETI included functionality now provided by the taxii-services library. Prior to version 2.0, YETI needs only Django and libtaxii, along with the following additional requirements: *


As of Version 2.0, YETI uses semantic versioning.

Older versions of YETI (prior to 2.0) were given major.minor.revision version numbers, where major and minor corresponded to the supported TAXII version. The revision number was used to indicate new versions of YETI.


Feedback is welcome, either directly though GitHub (issues or pull requests), or directly to


YETI is released under a 3-Clause BSD license. For more information, see LICENSE.txt.