Guidelines for reporting bugs

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Thank you for your willingness to make TGMPA better!

For bug reports to be useful, they need to contain certain actionable information. A report such as "it does not work" is - unfortunately - not helpful.

Therefore, please read the information on this page carefully before submitting your bug report.

Before reporting something as a bug

  • Before reporting a bug or suggesting an improvement, please check the develop branch to see if it has already been addressed.
  • Duplicate tickets will be closed without hesitation, so please search through existing tickets first to see if someone else has already discussed it.
  • Also: Read the FAQ as your question may be answered there.

Make sure it's a TGMPA bug

  • If you include TGMPA with a plugin, test if you can reproduce the issue if you activate one of the WP standard themes (e.g. Twenty Fifteen) and deactivate all other plugins not involved in the issue.
  • If you include TGMPA with a theme, test if you can reproduce the issue if you deactivate all plugins not involved in the issue.

If you can't reproduce the issue anymore, it is most likely not a bug in TGMPA.

How To Prepare

Submitting an actionable bug report

  • Create an issue ticket for your issue if one doesn't exist yet.
  • Make sure you include the following information:
    • Version number of the WP installation.
    • Version number of TGMPA used - if you're unsure, read the FAQ on how to figure out the version used.
    • Describe the expected behaviour and what actually happened.
    • Describe the steps you took to observe this behaviour, i.e. describe how to reproduce the issue.
    • If the issue is a bug, add any relevant JavaScript or PHP error messages. For PHP error messages, a backtrace is preferred. If you don't know how to get one, please follow these instructions.
    • Screenshots or videos showing the observed behaviour are often helpful too.
  • Additionally you may want to include the following information or we may ask for it if we deem it necessary:
    • A list of all installed plugin and whether they are active or not.
    • Which theme you are using.
    • A copy of your TGMPA plugins and config arrays.
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