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MCYT - An emacs minor mode to mark, copy, and yank things





MCYT minor mode provides convenience functions and wrappers to mark, copy and yank various things with just one key chord. In copy and yank mode the thing in question will be highlighted shortly as visual feedback. This can be turned off.

Copied text will be stripped of leading and trailing whitespaces, fontification and other text properties will be removed. This might change in a future version.

The MCYT mode has 3 sub mode key maps for copying, yanking and marking things. Each sub map has it's own prefix key:

C-c c        copy things prefix
C-c y        yank things prefix
C-c m        mark things prefix

COPY commands (keymap: mcyt-copy-map):

C-c c w      mcyt-copy-word 
C-c c q      mcyt-copy-quote 
C-c c k      mcyt-copy-parens 
C-c c l      mcyt-copy-line 
C-c c p      mcyt-copy-paragraph 
C-c c f      mcyt-copy-defun 
C-c c u      mcyt-copy-url 
C-c c e      mcyt-copy-email 
C-c c c      mcyt-copy-comment-block 
C-c c a      mcyt-copy-buffer 
C-c c i      mcyt-copy-ip 
C-c c s      mcyt-copy-sexp
C-c c >      mcyt-copy-buffer-after-point
C-c c <      mcyt-copy-buffer-before-point
C-c c $      mcyt-copy-line-after-point
C-c c ^      mcyt-copy-line-before-point

COPY & YANK commands (keymap: mcyt-yank-map):

C-c c y y    mcyt-copy-and-yank-line
C-c c y l    mcyt-copy-and-yank-line
C-c c y p    mcyt-copy-and-yank-paragraph
C-c c y f    mcyt-copy-and-yank-defun
C-c c y a    mcyt-copy-and-yank-buffer
C-c c y w    mcyt-copy-and-yank-word
C-c c y i    mcyt-copy-and-yank-ip
C-c c y c    mcyt-copy-and-yank-comment

MARK commands (keymap: mcyt-mark-map):

C-c c a a    mcyt-mark-buffer 
C-c c a w    mcyt-mark-word 
C-c c a f    mcyt-mark-defun 
C-c c a p    mcyt-mark-paragraph 
C-c c a l    mcyt-mark-line 
C-c c a u    mcyt-mark-url 
C-c c a e    mcyt-mark-email 
C-c c a s    mcyt-mark-sexp 
C-c c a c    mcyt-mark-comment-block 
C-c c a i    mcyt-mark-ip
C-c c a >    mcyt-mark-buffer-after-point
C-c c a <    mcyt-mark-buffer-before-point
C-c c a $    mcyt-mark-line-after-point
C-c c a ^    mcyt-mark-line-before-point

Please note, the commands mcyt-copy-sexp and mcyt-mark-sexp only work if expand-region is installed. You can find it here:


To use, save mark-copy-yank-things-mode.el to a directory in your load-path.

Add something like this to your config:

(require 'mark-copy-yank-things-mode)
(add-hook 'text-mode-hook 'mark-copy-yank-things-mode)

or load it manually, when needed:

M-x mark-copy-yank-things-mode

However, it's also possible to enable MCYT globally:



To turn off short blinking of copied and yanked things (visual feedback):

(setq mark-copy-yank-things-enable-blinking nil)

Of course the mark commands do highlight anyway.

You can also customize the various prefix keys defined for this mode:

(define-key mark-copy-yank-things-mode-map (kbd "C-c c") 'mcyt-copy-map)
(define-key mark-copy-yank-things-mode-map (kbd "C-c y") 'mcyt-yank-map)
(define-key mark-copy-yank-things-mode-map (kbd "C-c m") 'mcyt-mark-map)

You may also directly customize the key bindings, e.g:

(define-key mcyt-copy-map (kbd "l") 'mcyt-copy-line)
(define-key mcyt-yank-map (kbd "l") 'mcyt-yank-line)
(define-key mcyt-mark-map (kbd "l") 'mcyt-mark-line)

Reporting Bugs:

Open and file a new issue.

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