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a rtl-tcp compatible, IQ server for airspy SDR
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a rtl-tcp compatible, IQ server for airspy SDR

airspy_tcp is a direct port of rtl_tcp for the airspy.

As the rtl_tcp protocol is only 8 bits IQ, man will loose the major advantage of an airspy : its 12bits DAC, but :

  1. It will work with any rtl_tcp capable frontend (Well I hope, see below)
  2. As it's opensource, you could compile it on any Linux (and perhaps other UNIXes) server

Notes :

  • I try it with gqrx and sdrangelove frontend only. Other tests are welcome.
  • The rtl_tcp frontend client must set one of the only two sample frequencies that the airspy supports. Others sample frequencies are not supported.
  • It must work with airspy mini too, but not tested.
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