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texas flood information viewer


Install Node. Currently builds with Node v8.9.2 & Npm v5.6.0

Install Packages: npm install (had to use -f flag to install on Fedora 27)

Note: may have to rebuild node-sass after npm installs: npm rebuild node-sass

To retrieve the secrets file, install ansible


  1. place a copy vault-password.txt into the root of this repo ~/flood. You might need to change spaces to newlines. cd into the root folder and run make pull-secrets to quickly download, decrypt, and properly place the secrets file.
    • Alternatively (without ansible), make a copy of src/keys/, fill out and save as src/keys/
  2. npm start to start a hot-reloading development web server. First time starting, may require you create the empty directory dist in the project root.
  3. Open browser to http://localhost:3545


  1. npm run test will run the Mocha Test suite

Production Build

  1. npm run dist will produce a production build in the /dist/ folder

Favicons, Icons, & Images

  1. Favicon.ico is converted to PNG format and then uploaded to the realfavicongenerator. Should be a minimum pixel size of 144x144. This generator will offer numerous options for specific shortcut icons and favicons for a multitude of devices.
  2. Go through the settings and tweak the various ones as necessary.
  3. Be sure to declare the 'path' in the last settings option ("Favicon Generator Options") to be /icons. Then click to Generate
  4. After generation is complete, download the Favicon Package and use it to replace the images within /src/images/icons. Then copy the HTML code and use it to replace the pre-existing image code within /src/index.swig