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EOSIO Kafka Plugin

what's eosio kafka plugin

EOSIO Kafka Plugin is used to receive the transaction data fom blockchain and send out the transaction through kafka producer. Developer can receive the transaction data through kafka consumer in the background application.

how does the kafka plugin work

  1. it run a task to resume the transactions on chain. there's two type of transactions:"applied transaction" and "accepted transaction"

  2. create two kafka topics, the producer of which store the applied transaction and accepted transaction in kafka queue

  3. the dapp developer can get the transaction data through the consumer of the kafka topic.

Based eosio version

EOS-Mainnet/eos mainnet-1.6.1 or later

Building the plugin [Install on your nodeos server]

  1. install kafka library
cd /usr/local
git clone
cd librdkafka
sudo make install
  1. download the kafka plugin code in to eos file
cd /usr/local/eos/plugins/
git clone
  1. update the CMakeLists.txt to complie the kafka plugin
(1)edit /usr/local/eos/plugins/CMakeLists.txt:

(2)edit /usr/local/eos/programs/nodeos/CMakeLists.txt:
target_link_libraries( nodeos PRIVATE -Wl,${whole_archive_flag} kafka_plugin -Wl,${no_whole_archive_flag} )

How to setup on your nodeos

Enable this plugin using --plugin option to nodeos or in your config.ini. Use nodeos --help to see options used by this plugin.


Add the following to config.ini to enable the plugin:

parmeters for kafka_plugin
 --plugin eosio::kafka_plugin     //add kafka plugin
 --kafka-uri    //the kafka service 
 --accept_trx_topic eos_accept_topic //the kafka topic for accept transaction
 --applied_trx_topic eos_applied_topic //the applied topic for applied transaction
 --kafka-block-start 100  //the start block number, from which kafka begin to receive transactions
 --kafka-queue-size 5000  // the queue size of kafka


EOSIO Kafka Plugin is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. This plugin allows you to utilize all of Kafka’s rich real-time features utilizing the EOS blockchain.





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