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1 - Description

MIZAR is a 3D application in a browser for discovering and visualizing geospatial data for sky and planets. It supports natively some protocols coming from OGC and IVOA :

OGC IVOA Remarks about the support in MIZAR
WMS HIPS Do not read the WMS capabilities and the HIPS property file
MOC Supported
GeoJSON VOTable GeoJSON is only supported. A profile has been extended to define other keywords (see wiki). About VOTable, a service is needed to convert it in a GeoJSON format
WCS Elevation is supported
OpenSearch SIAP / SSAP Need a service to convert the Healpix request and the response as GeoJSON
SAMP Supported but need a service to convert the VOTable to GeoJSON
WPS UWS WPS is not supported. UWS is partially supported and under some conditions

Many name resolver / reverse name resolver can be plugged easily. In the current version, we have interface with the name resolver from CDS and this one from IMCCE by wrapping them into our API

In addition, MIZAR supports drag n drop of file : GeoJSON and FITS File (Read the first IMAGE extension ; can only represent the data when WCS keywords exist)

2 - Architecture


3 - Installation

It exists different ways to install MIZAR

3.1 - MIZAR

Getting the sources

$ git clone mizar

Getting the submodule GlobWeb

$ cd mizar
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Copy the directory mizar in your web server

$ cp -R src/mizar <path to your web server>`

Run the application

Go to http://..../mizar/index.html

In this mode, you will use a SITools2 server, installed somewhere, that wraps the response coming from pre-defined sources (See wiki)

3.2 -MIZAR-lite

No installation, just import the javaScript (see Wiki) in your own web page

3.3 - MIZAR as module

SITools2 is a data access layer server. It provides services and user interface to handle data published through SITools2. In this mode, MIZAR is added as an application in the SITools2 user interface.

See Readme

3.4 - Optimization

To build a minify version, NodeJS must be installed Once installed, run $ build/build.bat for Windows users or $ cd build following of $ node r.js -o buildMizar.js` for Unix. The script will then create a minify file "MizarWidget.min.js" in src/mizar directory.

To build a minify CSS file, use the following command: $ node r.js -o cssIn=../src/mizar/css/style.css out=../src/mizar/css/style.min.css

Then, you will need to use the generated js and css files in your index.html file instead of the old ones.

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